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 Sugar Wax Recipe 2016

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Sugar wax recipe | Homemade : soft wax version

You don’t need to go to the salon, it’s super easy to do your own waxing with this quick and easy Sugar wax recipe


Ingredients needed


  1. two cups of sugar: I prefer brown sugar but can be any type
  2. 4 tablespoons of water
  3. A splash of lemon juice : about 4 tablespoons


Let’s get rid of that hair…


First you need to squeeze the lemon and add all the ingredients together in a saucepan or potdhgjhg


Make sure your saucepan has enough space when the mixture starts to get into bubbles.

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Start simmering your mixture on low medium heat and grab a wooden spoon and keep stirring it. After few minutes you will see the mixture turning to golden colour. Target here is not to let that sugar burn. Don’t even think of using a plastic spoon that will just melt in with the mixture

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Keep heating up the mixture up to about 240-250 degrees F and it will be quite frothy at this point.

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Pour the mixture into a microwavable container. (using glass is an option provided that it’s been pre heated enough to handle the hot sugar wax mixture)Once the frothiness moves away and all the sugar pieces are dissolved take the pot off the stove. Don’t let the mixture over heat and boil over as you will be ending up with a mess not a sugar wax! When the color becomes pretty dark brown and looks like honey, you know it’s time to take it off.At this point your mixture will be pretty dark brown and you need to let it cool down

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The process will take about 10-15 mints. This is an absolute tricky part to get the right consistency of heating but with practice you will know when exactly to take the pan off the heat. 


Afterwards get the appropriate amount and apply it gently with a blunt knife ( or a wooden stick ). Get few pieces of clothes (clean ). Place the piece of clothe on top of the sugar wax applied area and start waxing with a big smile on your face, thinking how easy it was to make this sugar wax recipe in minutes

Learn  how to apply your homemade sugar wax in Detail..

Hope you enjoyed like I did ..Have fun Waxing !


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